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Your family relies on you. Trusts you. And that’s why you give them the best. So that they can be the healthiest, best people that they can be. By registering today, you will be one of the first in our community to use our app. You shouldn’t have to prioritize paperwork over your family.

The Sovereignty network community will empower you to Own, Share and eventually Profit from your Healthcare Data. No more feeling frustrated and anxious for not having easy access to the health data for yourself and people you care for. We’re here to help.

Why does Sovereignty exist? Because...

You know how difficult it is to get your healthcare data

You also know the risks in not having it for you and your loved ones. But until now we have all had to accept it as “just the way things are”.

Not any more

As a member of The Sovereignty Network you will be able to get your data, and own it as your personal asset. Control it. Share it as you want to.

Stay informed

Finally you will have a clear picture of you and your family’s health data. A dynamically moving picture as health status changes.

Gain clarity

Data giants want to pull the wool over your eyes. We provide you with clarity so you can make informed health decisions for you and your loved ones.

We give you a better way to help take care of yourself and your family.

In a world now controlled by data, you need to have your copy to own and share as you need and want.

We are a community of people using technology that is first of its kind.

A simple-to-use but clinical grade app to safely and securely hold your data. You own your data. It is never sold, marketed, or shared except by you if you explicitly choose to.

Now you can own your data as your personal asset.

Be in charge and take control. Gain peace of mind. That is what is possible as a member of The Sovereignty Network.