Why should a Researcher join The Sovereignty Network?

Published: April 15th 2022

We are aware of all the challenges Healthcare Researchers face while carrying out their research. Participant recruitment is a major challenge. Recruitment involves finding eligible participants who meet the criteria for studies, obtaining explicit patient consent, offering the right incentive, and distributing them and retaining participants for the study. Research is a lengthy and complex process, and most projects don’t have the luxury of time. Even when you think you’re done recruiting study participants, you may have to find more participants after talking to unhelpful participants. Follow-up is a challenging task. Getting explicit patient consent is a barrier to expanding outreach to the general population. 


 How The Sovereignty Network can help overcome these barriers 


  1. Dynamic Consent. Every member of the The Sovereignty Network (TSN) we assign to be Data Owner of their personal health records. The primary purpose of the application is to provide a complete, correct, and curated source of truth for their individual health record that is easy for them to share the pertinent parts with Researchers.
  2. Universal Coding. We use FHIR and SNOMED CT codes to help connect Researchers with suitable participants who fit their criteria. 
  3. Access curated and collated data. Quickly and efficiently obtain accurate and structured local data with capacity to collate and integrate across multiple locations, disciplines and therapeutic categories
  4. Communicate with Research Participants. Researchers can easily communicate with Data Owners via Direct Messaging, and in a unique feature we have built the ability for clinical and health data specialists around the world to verify Data Owner health data sets as accurate and correct.
  5. Easy Payment. Researchers can easily make payments to their participants using our SVRN Coins within the network to transact for services and get compensated for their time. 1 SVRN Coin is equivalent to 1 US dollar. SVRN Coins can be bought securely through the Stripe interface with your credit or debit cards. Once SVRN coins have been purchased, you will be able to send coins within the network, instantaneously to Data Owners anywhere in the world to easily compensate their participation. 


The Sovereignty Network can help Researchers save time and money by making it easier to find and communicate with suitable subjects that fit their project criteria more quickly and efficiently, and with more qualified prospects than before. We are doing this by building an explicitly patient-consented system built on top of standards-based data (FHIR and SNOMED CT). The fully coded system allows potential participants with data sets and criterion that match the desired research criteria to be approached by Researchers with a direct offer to take part in surveys.  


Contact us to find out how we can make your research easier, quicker, less hassle and less expensive.  


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