Why I’m So Excited for This Pivot for the Healthcare Industry

Published: May 5th 2022

by John Young

Doctor with healthcare infromation sitting at a deskImagine life before consumer-focused apps came along. We had to watch TV when it was scheduled, we had to call a taxi who would pick us up on their timetable, and we could only book at hotels who set the rates for us. Then apps like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb came along and said, “the industry doesn’t decide – the consumer does.” Now they’ve forced the dinosaurs in their categories to create user-focused experiences like I have the ability to watch TV whenever I want to. I can have a GPS guided ride to get me to my destination safely. And I can vacation in someone’s house closer to the places I want to visit. 

When I say it’s time for someone to come along and change the way healthcare does business, I know what I’m talking about. I have been in the healthcare industry for 40 years. I spent over 35+ years in the pharmaceutical space in senior marketing and sales roles. I managed multiple mega products like the launch of Lipitor. As well, I spent 5 years in the senior living space developing sales and marketing teams and strategies for hospice, home health and senior housing placement. I retired in June 2018, but never lost my interest in helping patients and hopefully changing the world a little bit for the good.  
So it’s not just smoke and mirrors when I say that's why I came out of a two-year retirement to work with The Sovereignty Network with its global aspirations to effect real and positive change in healthcare for anybody, anywhere.  I truly believe this app can spark positive change for patients across the globe, not just domestically. We’re launching a Kickstarter for an app that’s already been developed but needs that final push to get off the ground. With this app, a patient can for the first time own all their personal healthcare data and decide if they wish to sell that information to researchers or opt-out.  
We’re truly creating a data democracy that works for both individuals and entire populations as a movement; "of the people, by the people, for the people".   We don’t think that is a change the healthcare industry should do in the far-flung future, but it is something they should do now. 

What really gets me excited is this can cure a lot of problems we’re seeing as an industry – including the gap in research inequality. With something as simple as this app, researchers can target groups in smaller, rural areas and under serviced communities because all they need is a cell phone or internet connection. We’ve done some really cool things in Africa already, and we’re poised to do more good for that continent and we can do the same for North America, Europe, and the world.  
So if you’d like to join us or just hear more about what we’re doing: https://sovereignty.network/kickstarter  

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