The Sovereignty Network and SNOMED International present at HIMSS 2022

Published: March 25th 2022

The Sovereignty Network’s Hamish MacDonald, presented at HIMSS, the world’s largest healthcare IT conference, in Orlando, Florida, on March 17th.

Hamish was joined by Nick Egarhos, SNOMED International’s Global Vendor Engagement Lead, to discuss their recent collaboration in Rwanda, equipping community health workers (CHWs) with digital tools to capture patient and clinical data. Under-equipped and often isolated, CHWs find themselves and their patients in suboptimal situations, resulting in tragic outcomes.  Many outcomes are avoidable, with more accurate and timely data and reporting.

The Sovereignty Network and SNOMED International teamed up to arm CHWs with easily portable, handheld hardware and software to collect health and clinical data seamlessly while in the field, often in secluded locations. This enabled sharing of patient data with clinic practitioners for efficient analysis and planning of care in essential areas such as women’s and children’s health and maternity. Outcomes included:

  • quicker consultations and information gathering (20 minutes down to 5 minutes),
  • less chance for error leading to greater safety,
  • easier through less paper carried by the CHW (typically 12-16kg),
  • more relevant through users being able to flick between French, Kinryawandan and English at the touch of a button.

See this video for more detail and on the ground footage.

Hamish also outlined how a similar healthcare delivery can be translated to rural areas in the U.S. and remote areas worldwide. 

For information the link to the HIMSS session see Delivering Health Outcomes in Africa From the Grass Roots | HIMSS

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