New Alliance between SNOMED International and The Sovereignty Network

Published: March 14th 2022

The Sovereignty Network is pleased to announce a new alliance with SNOMED International. It all began with addressing Child and Maternity health in Africa Sovereignty’s “Ejo Health” application that is SNOMED CT encoded.

Click here to read the full press release from Snomed International...

SNOMED International is the world's pre-eminent medical terminology server, and they have sponsored our work in Rwanda. They are so happy with what we have achieved at their annual conference October 28-29 and thereafter they want to promote our African brand, "Ejo Health" (and the principles of The Sovereignty Network behind it) throughout Africa. The Head of EMEA region for SNOMED was extremely impressed with the status and progress in Rwanda. He commented to us, “We (SNOMED) are investing with the right people.” 

All of the data captured in the displayed Ejo screens have conditional logic so that the forms and Q&A dynamically change according to the previous answer - and is also completely machine readable for population health purposes via SNOMED CT and FHIR. 

  • It is Quicker (20 minutes on paper, 5 minutes on the iPad with Ejo) 
  • It is Safer (less chance of transcription errors, e.g. drug dosages) 
  • It is Easier to use (and also no more lugging around 12-16kg of paper around every day for the Community Health Worker!) 
  • Relevant: Three SNOMED CT-encoded language options (English, French and Kinyarwanda) can be switched interchangeably depending on which language the Community Healthcare Worker prefers. 

In medicine, this combination of things is the equivalent of magic. Let alone in developing nations... 

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