How to Retrieve and take Ownership of your Medical Data

Published: August 3rd 2021


There’s a common assumption that anyone who has possession of something has the strongest claim to it.

This can make accessing medical data and health records a challenge. As discussed in previous blogs (TITLE + LINKS), consolidating the medical records of yourself and those in your care is important. This provides better control, improved communication, consistency of care, reduced risks and more.

But how can you obtain this critical copy of your medical records?

Accessing Medical Data in the 21st Century

As you may have experienced, it can be cumbersome, submitting a written request to each medical facility you have ever visited, often requiring follow-up phone calls and messages to ensure its delivery. Fortunately, the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Mandate in the U.S. requires healthcare providers to convert medical records into a digital format. This means that your medical data and health records are stored electronically and can be accessed and transferred more easily than traditional paper-based formats stored in filing cabinets. As a result, there are some public-facing options where you can begin the process of accessing your medical details.

Some credible data repositories and useful resources where both patients and clinicians can research and retrieve medical files are:

  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) - FHIR is an application programming interface for exchanging electronic health records. It provides developers with a standardized application that allows medical data access regardless of the operating system their electronic health records (EHR) are using.

    While you can’t retrieve your medical records from FHIR directly, one of its main objectives is to make it simpler to provide healthcare information to healthcare providers and individuals across a wide variety of devices from computers to tablets to cell phones.

    The FHIR data protocol is rapidly becoming a de facto standard around the world for accessing copies of medical data records.
  • Health Gorilla - Founded in 2014, Health Gorilla enables healthcare organizations to have seamless access to the data they need and consolidates each patient’s medical history in one place with the aim of delivering the best quality of care.
  • 1upHealth - 1upHealth aims to bridge the gap between patient-centered health data and medical provider needs by creating a platform that aggregates and shares health information to improve the quality of healthcare and lower costs for low-income and vulnerable populations.
  • SNOMED CT - The Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) is a standardized, international, multilingual set of clinical healthcare definitions used by clinicians and other healthcare providers for the electronic exchange of medical health information. This organization determines global standards for health terms, an essential part of improving the health of humankind.
  • The Sovereignty Network - Our goal is to help you take control of your healthcare data and enjoy the benefits this offers, with the goal of making it simple.

    The Sovereignty Network provides an intuitive platform that combines access rights, medical data ownership and the ability to share an individual’s health data. We help people retrieve and sort their medical data, allowing this information to play a greater role in the quality of healthcare they receive.

    Our goal is to give patients easy access to their own up-to-date medical information so they feel empowered to take ownership of their health, all through an app on their smartphone.

    Imagine the convenience of having your health history in the palm of your hands!

Do you want to retrieve and take ownership of your own medical data?

Having access to your own health data as well as those in your care is possible. The current challenge is that the process is tedious and costly in the standard PPO system.

We intend to revolutionize this.

At the Sovereignty Network, our vision is to make health records available right at a patient’s fingertips. Our efforts are global in scope and aim to change the medical data landscape for the better.

The Sovereignty Network is developing an app that places your medical data in your hands.

Take control and register for the Sovereignty Network today.

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