Get it. Own it. Share it (or not). Profit from it. It is your data, so it is your choice.

You know how difficult it is to get your healthcare data

You also know the risks in not having it for you and your loved ones. But until now we have all had to accept it as “just the way things are”.

Not any more

As a member of The Sovereignty Network you will be able to get your data, and own it as your personal asset. Control it. Share it as you want to.

Stay informed

Finally you will have a clear picture of you and your family’s health data. A dynamically moving picture as health status changes.

Gain clarity

Data giants want to pull the wool over your eyes. We provide you with clarity so you can make informed health decisions for you and your loved ones.

We give you a better way to help take care of yourself and your family.

In a world now controlled by data, you need to have your copy to own and share as you need and want.

We are a community of people using technology that is first of its kind.

A simple-to-use but clinical grade app to safely and securely hold your data. You own your data. It is never sold, marketed, or shared except by you if you explicitly choose to.

Now you can own your data as your personal asset.

Be in charge and take control. Gain peace of mind. That is what is possible as a member of The Sovereignty Network.

Meet the Data Coach

The Data Coach plays a crucial role in helping Data Owners build and verify data sets to provide high trust value for Data Researchers. The Data Coach role provides peace of mind for Data Researchers by ensuring the key data points required for the research are vetted and reliable.

Enhanced R&D, Pharmacovigilance & Real World Data

The spending on Pharma research and development globally is now over USD $200b per year. Digital marketing and Real World Data/Evidence have become integral assets which allow a greater level of tangible engagement with patients.

The reality is that this engagement needs to be well managed and bring concrete benefits to both sides.

The Sovereignty Network provides both research entities (Data Researchers) and research participants (Data Owners) with a single user-friendly healthcare data platform to exchange value. Dynamic and explicit consent is obtained directly and upfront from the research participants on a per-value exchange basis.


SNOMED International and The Sovereignty Network are pleased to share news of an alliance that has started to address child and maternity health in Africa through Sovereignty’s "Ejo Health" SNOMED CT encoded application.

Read the press release here...

Click here to watch "Delivering Outcomes in Africa"
(20 minute video)

Be a better family member. Be a better patient. Be a better person.

Take care of your loved ones, especially if you are in the “sandwich generation” looking after aging parents and your own family. Not to mention taking care of yourself, too! We’re here to help you.

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